SOLE: Self-Organized Learning Environment

This blog could easily have been called Genius Hour: Part IV. I have been doing Genius Hour for a while now. It all started with the TED talk about the School in the Cloud experiment in India. Sugata Mitra designed the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children could explore and learn from… Continue reading SOLE: Self-Organized Learning Environment

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My Top 6 Digital TpT Purchases

Everyone loves a good printable. But while printables and worksheets look cute, they’re not always the best for higher order thinking, collaboration, and creativity. I was asked during a Digital Cohort class to go around the school where the class was taking place and to take pictures of student work around the building. What we… Continue reading My Top 6 Digital TpT Purchases

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Genius Hour: Part III

Genius Hour is by far the best part of my week and my students would agree. Every Thursday, they walk down the hallway asking if we will be doing Genius Hour today. (The answer is always “yes”!) Each Genius Hour brings up some struggle to be addressed or genius idea to implement in the future.… Continue reading Genius Hour: Part III

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Top 5 Reasons I use Technology in my Classroom

It was my first year teaching at a new school and I was handed 28 iPads around October. Now what? The kids were excited and had used them at home for games and videos. It has taken me four years to get my students to see them as tools for learning, but here are the… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons I use Technology in my Classroom