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Year Two: Personalized Learning

Around October, I began feeling the itch to try Personalized Learning again. I already had the placemats, data binders, and tracking sheets, so I thought about what I had seen the previous summer at the Google Summit. I saw a presenter who used digital tracking sheets. She used a Google Doc and posted it to Google Classroom. Each student received a copy and they could turn it in at the end of the week. I stole her form and tweaked it a bit for my class and it looks like this:

This digital copy made me happy because I had set a goal to “go paperless” this year and use Google Classroom to post everything I could. So I ditched the data binders and went for the Google Doc. It took me two tries to get this form to work for my class. The second version added the standard column because not all students were working on the same goal/standard at the same time. Hellllooo, PL. If you are in Charleston County, you can grab the link here. Feel free to make your own copy. My students still got a hard copy of the road map tracking sheet I posted in the previous blog post, but I felt like I saved a tree or two.

We stop math class a few minutes early, and every student fills out their form before we move on to another subject. I was happy to be doing some PL things again, and I’ll share what else is working in a future blog.


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