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Book Blogging

Since my first day as a teacher, I have had my students write journal entries as soon as they came into the classroom in the morning. They consisted of random questions; some funny, some serious, some academic. Students would write them in a composition notebook and after the morning announcements, I’d ask for people to share. Anyone who felt comfortable, could read their entry out loud. Last year, I took a leap and tired using for digital jouncing. The kids all wrote their journal responses on the blog platform instead of in a notebook. This year, I ditched the journals and again stole an idea from a presenter at the Google Summit. You can find her site on book blogging here.


While the presenter was using Blogger, it is blocked for students in my district. I remembered Kid Blog and decided to try it again. I started slowly. Week 1, the kids wrote a simple blog about a book they had completed reading. I used her same template for what would be included in each student’s blog. Charleston County employees can open and make a copy here. Kid Blog was a safe space for us to experiment because people have to be invited to see our class posts, and I’ve limited it to only my students and myself. Soon, I may add parental access. Below, you will find my requirements for a blog entry:


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