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21st Century Skills

I follow several educational websites on social media including WeAreTeachers and Edutopia.  Through the course of following them, I stumbled across this image of skills employers would be looking for in the future workforce.


I asked my students what they noticed was missing from the list. We had a fun discussion, because being able to divide a four-digit divisor by a two-digit dividend, or writing a five paragraph essay are not skills that were listed. Since I teach at an IB World School, we spend time trying to create well-rounded humans and not just test-taking machines. These IB attributes are infused into daily lessons, and the students who have been at my school since Kindergarten are very familiar with them. (They also show up as grades on their report cards each quarter).

We spent a class period looking at the qualities and characteristics needed for the future work force  (21-Century Skills) and matched each and every one up to an IB attribute. It finally clicked for some of the students as to why we talk about the attributes so much. These are life-long skills that they will need to be productive citizens, workers, and friends.

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