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Digital Citizenship

You can’t talk about digital citizenship without talking about Common Sense Media. They have a website for parents, educators, and advocates.


CSM has plenty or resources for the classroom including lessons, videos, and games. And best of all,  you can choose the appropriateness level by age group. I use the Digital Passport resources because they are geared for grades 3-5. Once a week, I play a short video from their library. Topics include oversharing online, thinking before posting, being a super digital citizen, and leaving a digital footprint.


Throughout the year, we do several research projects in my class, and also our weekly Genius Hour (see previous posts). I always ask the kids to cite their sources. Most fourth graders will write: and I use this analogy with my class: Saying you got your information from Google is the same as me saying I got my information from the library. Where in the library? What section? What book or magazine? I need more information than just “google” including a direct url. Common sense media has a lesson on citing sources designed specifically for grades 3-5. I do not ask nine-year-olds to use MLA format, but listing their sources at the end of their projects is age appropriate.

This is also a great time to bring up copyright and plagiarism. This cute PowToon video was created by Rocky Creek Elementary but is a great introduction to the topic.


Finally, common sense media has a page devoted to setting up your digital classroom including management strategies and apps/websites to use.




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