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Involving Parents

There is nothing worse than spending an hour creating a weekly class newsletter, no matter how cute, and finding out that no one reads it. I’d import pictures, type up class events, create a class calendar, and I’d still get several parent emails a week asking me for information that was in my newsletter.

Then I stumbled upon this WeAreTeachers article comparing Bloomz and Remind (two classroom communication apps). Two years ago, I signed up for Bloomz and haven’t looked back since.



Through Bloomz, I am able to message all parents at the same time. I post documents like flyers and study guides. And every Friday, I post pictures from the week. My old newsletter only had space for one or two pictures. Now I attach 10-20 a week. Because Bloomz has an app, I attach the photos straight from my phone and save the step of emailing the pictures to myself. Parents have been very receptive to Bloomz because they know what’s going on at all times. (The downside is the messenger portion. I’d much rather have a parent email me, in case their message needs to be forwarded to the front office or school nurse). I’ve gotten several other teachers at my school to join Bloomz and they love it.


In addition to Bloomz, I have created a class Instagram account begborrowstealclass. This is a way for parents in my class to see what is going on daily, without waiting for my Friday Bloomz post. I also post short videos here, like of science experiments, field trips, and spirit days. Its mostly for the parents, but I have several former students who also follow me, and reminisce about their time in my class.



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