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Teaching with Padlet

This blog post could easily be titled Year Four: Personalized Learning because it ties in with my previous posts. While students are working at their own pace in my math class through ALEKS and their tracking sheets, I also have Padlet pages for every standard. (I use their app on my iPad, too).

Padlet is a virtual bulletin board. I can post pictures, videos, links, task cards, practice problems, and so much more to one page. My students have an understanding of what the standards mean (NSF stands for Number Sense Fractions) since they track their own learning each day (see previous post). Here is my Padlet from standard 4.NSF.1:


I have a Padlet page for every single standard. If a student is working on 4.NSF.1 and I’m working with a small group, they know they can not bother me. If they are having a problem understanding the concept, they click the link to Khan Academy or Math Antics video through the Padlet. They can work on practice problems too, to see if they truly understand.  I also love Anchor Charts, but I have terrible handwriting. So, I search the standard on Pinterest and copy and paste someone else’s anchor chart image and save it to Padlet. Is that borrowing or stealing? 


At the start of this year, I created a Proficiency Scale using what my district provided and this resource I bought on TpT. I printed them out and color coded them by standard. On the back of each proficiency scale is a QR code that takes them directly to that standard’s Padlet page.


This has worked so well for me in math, I am planning on creating Padlet pages for each science and social studies standard as well. I’m teaching US Government right now and can just picture links to the White House, video clips, and even School House Rocks. (I’m just a bill, on Capital Hill).

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