Game Changer: Google Sites

As I was showing a colleague some of the negatives of Google Classroom (things tend to get lost at the bottom of my stream, I keep posting notes after each class and kids can’t find them, etc) when she asked me if I was going to use Google Sites next year to solve these problems. Light bulb! I […]

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Genius Hour: Part IV

This has been a pretty cool journey, and is by far the most fun we (consistently) have each week. During our science and social studies lessons, questions constantly come up and we add them to the Genius Hour wall of questions. The students also found this website from School in the Cloud with other big […]

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Digital Reflection for Kids

I’ve always loved exit slips, but I often forget to do them, or run out of time during class. In the past, I’ve used exit slips to assess everything from new math strategies to how the class was feeling emotionally. The exit ticket that I used up until recently was the stoplight strategy I saw […]

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Personalized Learning: Math Rotations

I have been trying to get my math lessons to be completely personalized for years. (See previous posts one , two and three). I’ve finally got a system in place that works for me. Give Pre-tests. I usually give the students 3-4 pre-tests at a time. (For example, Fractions standards 4.NSF.1, 4.NSF.2, and 4.NSF.3 all at once since […]

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