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Ever since doing a Breakout Room in Miami on vacation, I loved the idea. Three friends and I (all with graduate degrees) did not make it out of the “Pirate” room in the 60 minutes but we had a lot of fun. As soon as I heard about the educational version, I created a Donor’s Choose project and got my breakout box funded ($125).


Luckily, my partner in crime, Lisa Stewart, got her own Breakout EDU box delivered on the same day. We settled on our test breakout, “Alien Invasion” and got to work. We decided to use both boxes, in two rooms, so students could work in smaller groups.

Note: There is a lot of front-end prep work for the teachers. We had to print out documents, write on them in invisible ink, and set all of the locks. These videos were helpful. My box was also missing a directional lock, which I had to order on Amazon

We hid the things around each of our rooms. We divided the class in half (this time it was girls versus boys) and read the story line and let the kids go. Lisa found this amazing YouTube video which has a 45-minute timer that also played suspenseful music. This added to the excitement in my room.


This breakout is listed as for ages 5-10. Since I teach 4th Grade, we started with this one. We now realize that we could do some middle school ones since the girls finished with 11 minutes to spare and the boys with 8 minutes. I am so excited to try this again, and we will be doing The Lost Lincoln Letter next week during our Civil War Unit. I will be using the ones that match my state standards/units, but the alien one was a great place to start. If you are interested in other Breakout EDUs, they can be found below:


Note: Some of the breakout games require things not included in the box. There are helpful video tutorials for each game that I would recommend watching beforehand!


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