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Thinking Ahead…Way Ahead

Most of my blog posts are heavy and full of content. Here’s a little lighter note as we end the school year (and think about the next!)

I’ve had quite a few classroom themes: under the sea, jungle animals, polka dots, chevron, etc. I’ve decided to change it up next year and go for a fruity theme. I fell in love with all the cute watermelon and pineapple treats at Target in the Dollar Spot. Even my Google Classroom themes are going fruity (see pictures above).
I grabbed this watermelon pinata and thought my students could take it outside to smash on the last day of school. My fruit obsession started with these cute bulletin board ideas I saw on Pinterest. I was thinking my board would be red with each kid’s name written on a seed and the title, “Our class is one in a MELON!”

Here are some other cute things I’m collecting this summer to add to my decor:

  • Watermelon Garland (FREE) printable from Miss Bunting.
  • Fruit Garland (Etsy) from GlitterPaperScissor
  • Tropical Binder Covers (TPT) from Samantha Henry (which I use for all sorts of things since they are completely editable.)
  • Tropical Bin Labels (TPT) from Fairways and Chalkboards

How cute are these rugs? Watermelon and Citrus ?!

Last, but not least, I have a “tap jar” in my classroom. It’s a plastic container that I fill with random things throughout the year (erasers, candy, pencils, etc). Whenever we are walking somewhere in the hallway, if I tap a student on the shoulder, they get to take one thing from the tap jar when we get back to class. I tap students for good behavior…facing forward, hands at their sides, not talking, etc.  I think I’ll fill it up with runts at the start of the new year 🙂


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