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Turning Paper Simulations into Digital Content

Ask any former student what their favorite thing about my class is, and most will say, “Simulation.” Simulation is something another teacher showed me from Scholastic that comes in a PDF form or you can purchase the physical packet for about a dollar more.  I have purchased all the ones below and they are well… Continue reading Turning Paper Simulations into Digital Content

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Art Integration in Upper Elementary

My favorite subject in school was always art. This recent¬†Mind Shift article got me thinking about how I am using (or not using) art in my classroom. During my Sharing the Planet unit, I teach Native American regions, early European Explorers, and plant and animal classification. This interdisciplinary unit focuses on the central idea: Native… Continue reading Art Integration in Upper Elementary

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How Technology Changed the Teaching Profession (and it’s not what you think)

The internet at your fingertips. Virtual Field Trips. Google Earth. Google Classroom. Google anything, really….Drive….Slides….Docs…Calendar. What did we do before Google? Those are all great, but not what I was thinking. During graduate school, we had to write two-three page lesson plans, which were a total waste. Three pages per lesson, at five subjects a… Continue reading How Technology Changed the Teaching Profession (and it’s not what you think)

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Reflections from Day 1, Year 8

I was very excited to start school this year. I have a new teaching partner, a new class theme, and 28 newly minted fourth graders. I wanted my first day of school to look different than previous years. I wanted to build excitement and focus on fostering individual relationships with the kids. While I have… Continue reading Reflections from Day 1, Year 8

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Back-to-School & Student Choice

I am five days away from heading back to school. Five days. I’m not sure where summer went, but this one flew by. Maybe it was the constant playdates and pool time with my toddlers, or my brother’s wedding, or the IB training in Austin, Texas, but either way, I’ve been doing some reflection and… Continue reading Back-to-School & Student Choice

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IB Exhibition: Part III

The research is done (Part I). The community visit or interview is done (Part II). Now what? Quick re-cap: The students picked a man-made system that interested them, researched the system and current problems with that system, then interviewed or went on a community visit to talk to someone in the field.¬† As part of… Continue reading IB Exhibition: Part III