Genius Hour: Part IV

This has been a pretty cool journey, and is by far the most fun we (consistently) have each week. During our science and social studies lessons, questions constantly come up and we add them to the Genius Hour wall of questions. The students also found this website from School in the Cloud with other big […]

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Genius Hour: Part III

Genius Hour is by far the best part of my week and my students would agree. Every Thursday, they walk down the hallway asking if we will be doing Genius Hour today. (The answer is always “yes”!) Each Genius Hour brings up some struggle to be addressed or genius idea to implement in the future. […]

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Genius Hour: Part II

In my previous post, I talked about how we started Genius Hour and some struggles we have faced. Here’s how the following weeks progressed. Week 4: The procedures were the same (50 minutes research time and a short presentation with your findings) but we were getting bored to tears during the student presentations. During week […]

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Genius Hour

When our SAIL (Gifted and Talented) teacher came to do a lesson in my class a few years ago, we ended up team teaching and literally finished each other’s sentences. Since then, we’ve been collaborating on a variety of assignments including Exhibition. (She’s an IB wiz). Most recently, she was assigned part-time to another school. […]

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