Flipped Classroom

I have been intrigued with the Flipped Classroom for a while. (The general idea is the reverse of the traditional learning environment: delivering instructional content like videos, primary source documents, reading assignments– outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, like discussion questions, projects, and activities based on […]

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Back-to-School & Student Choice

I am five days away from heading back to school. Five days. I’m not sure where summer went, but this one flew by. Maybe it was the constant playdates and pool time with my toddlers, or my brother’s wedding, or the IB training in Austin, Texas, but either way, I’ve been doing some reflection and […]

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Personalized Learning: Math Rotations

I have been trying to get my math lessons to be completely personalized for years. (See previous posts one , two and three). I’ve finally got a system in place that works for me. Give Pre-tests. I usually give the students 3-4 pre-tests at a time. (For example, Fractions standards 4.NSF.1, 4.NSF.2, and 4.NSF.3 all at once since […]

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Year Three: Personalized Learning

My school is the academic magnet elementary school for the county. There are entrance tests, standardized test requirements, and grades to maintain. The majority of my class is identified by the state as “Gifted & Talented.” I always have a bright group of students, but this year I have one student who is exceptionally bright, especially […]

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Genius Hour: Part II

In my previous post, I talked about how we started Genius Hour and some struggles we have faced. Here’s how the following weeks progressed. Week 4: The procedures were the same (50 minutes research time and a short presentation with your findings) but we were getting bored to tears during the student presentations. During week […]

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