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End-of-Year Lifesavers

If you are like me, those last few days of school are a struggle. The students have finished their end-of-year exams, they know grades are finished, but you’re not quite ready to pop in the movie just yet. I found a  few lifesavers that helped me keep my sanity this week. Rock on to 5th… Continue reading End-of-Year Lifesavers

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IB Exhibition: Part I

What is IB Exhibition? In IB terms: The exhibition represents a unique and significant opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the IB learner profile developed throughout their engagement with the PYP. It also provides teachers with a powerful and authentic process for assessing student understanding. In educator terms: Students in 4th grade  engage in inquiry-based, collaborative,… Continue reading IB Exhibition: Part I

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Personalized Learning: Math Rotations

I have been trying to get my math lessons to be completely personalized for years. (See previous posts one , two and three). I’ve finally got a system in place that works for me. Give Pre-tests. I usually give the students 3-4 pre-tests at a time. (For example, Fractions standards 4.NSF.1, 4.NSF.2, and 4.NSF.3 all at once since… Continue reading Personalized Learning: Math Rotations


SOLE: Self-Organized Learning Environment

This blog could easily have been called Genius Hour: Part IV. I have been doing Genius Hour for a while now. It all started with the TED talk about the School in the Cloud experiment in India. Sugata Mitra designed the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children could explore and learn from… Continue reading SOLE: Self-Organized Learning Environment